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License Verifications

Use this link to verify  a license. The verification will show current status. If the licensee has a disciplinary history, the Board Order will be available to download.


List of Licensees With Disciplinary Action

License Type

Optometrist: Licensed to to determine powers of vision and write contact lens and eyeglass prescriptions. May use drugs to diagnose defects of vision and disease (actual license will be in this format: 9999)

T: Therapeutic Optometrist. Licensed to treat eye disorders and disease, and to prescribe medication in addition to the treatment which may be provided by an “Optometrist.” The Therapeutic Optometrist may provide pre and post-op care for laser surgery. (actual license will be in this format: 9999T)

TG: Optometric Glaucoma Specialist. A therapeutic optometrist who is also licensed to treat glaucoma as authorized by the Texas Optometry Act and prescribe oral prescription drugs listed in the Optometry Act. (actual license will be in this format: 9999TG).

Disciplinary Action

The Board may discipline an optometrist who violates the Texas Optometry Act. A license verification search will display disciplinary action. You may also telephone the Board at 512-305-8500. An optometrist with past disciplinary action may currently be able to practice without restrictions.


Effective September 1, 2021 and pursuant to Sec. 351.2034 of the Optometry Act, this list represents the public information available regarding the number of complaints filed with the board regarding the treatment of patients for glaucoma by therapeutic optometrists and the disposition of those complaints. This information is updated quarterly after each board meeting.

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Source Information

Source information for license verifications is updated every 24 hours. The source information for license verifications is stored in a database. The Board contracts with professional database managers to operate the database, and best practices are employed to maintain integrity of the information and database. This information is used to provide verifications on the telephone, on the website, and in written documents under the seal of the Board. No warranty, express or implied, is made by the Board or the State of Texas regarding the accuracy, completeness, reliability or fitness for use of the information provided.

Official Verifications

Written verifications under the official seal of the Board are available upon a written request under the Public Information Act. The fee for each request is $40.00. To order, submit a written request with payment by check payable to “Texas Optometry Board.”

Search Policies

Misuse of information obtained from any computer operated and/or owned by the Texas Optometry Board, the State of Texas, or its contractors, is subject to civil and criminal penalties. The user is granted permission to access disciplinary information using the search tool provided. Any other attempts to access data, or access for any other purpose any computer operated and/or owned by the Texas Optometry Board, the State of Texas, or its contractors is not authorized, and such access is subject to criminal penalties