Overview of the Online Application Process

STEP 1: Click on the link below to apply online:

Online Application

STEP 2: Choose the “New User” area after clicking the link above. Follow the directions to sign up and register for an online account.

STEP 3: Once registered, you will see “Start a New Application”. Choose “Texas Optometry Board” from the first pulldown menu and then either “Acceptance Application” or “LWOE Acceptance Application” from the second pulldown menu. Note: If you have taken Part III of the NBEO after June 1994, “Acceptance Application” is the choice for you. If you haven’t, then “LWOE” may be your option (please see the area of our website HERE).

STEP 4: Follow the directions to complete your license application and pay the application fee. There will be an area to upload attachments of documents for cursory review, but remember that you may also be required to mail in certain original documents. Required original documents include the following: official final optometry school transcript, NPBD report (in sealed envelope from NPDB), and any official license verifications if applicable. Link to Paper Application & Instructions

Important Notice: Incomplete applications will not be accepted and will be returned.

STEP 5: Register with the NBEO to take the Jurisprudence Examination.

Important Notice: All fees associated with the application and examination process are non-transferable and non-refundable. Once the application is accepted, fees cannot be refunded if there is a failure to complete the application process.

STEP 6: Take the Jurisprudence Examination and submit any required additional documents. Submit fingerprints as instructed on this website — the link is at the bottom of this page.


Jurisprudence Exam

Have Applied, Need Study Materials

Fingerprint Information