Optometric Glaucoma Specialist Application

Application for Optometric Glaucoma Specialist License

Graduates Post May 2008:

May 2008 and subsequent graduates of approved optometry schools may be able to use a modified application. Select this link for special instructions and forms: Recent Graduate Application

Graduates Prior to May 2008:

To apply for an Optometric Glaucoma Specialist License, the Texas Optometry Act requires applicants to take a 30 hour Board approved course, complete a skills evaluation by an ophthalmologist or optometric glaucoma specialist, and submit an application, with fee and required documents, to the Optometry Board.

The University of Houston offers a web based course. Use the find feature of your Internet browser to search for “Optometric Glaucoma Specialist Course”

Detailed requirements for the Optometric Glaucoma Specialist License can be found in Rule 280.8 and Rule 280.9 In brief, a complete application for license will contain (the list is also set out on the application form):


application form

letter from provider of required 30 hour course showing passing score

skills assessment form (to be completed by an ophthalmologist or optometric glaucoma specialist)

Link to Application Form