License Renewal Instructions – Requirements

General Requirements

Addresses: Three addresses must be entered: Mailing address (notices will be sent to this address), Primary Office Address, and Home Address. Usually the Mailing address will either be the Office or Home address, but the address must still be entered. State law requires optometrists to provide the Board with both the Home and Office address. Home addresses are not subject to the Public Information Act and may not be released.

Answers: Please answer each question on the renewal.

Continuing Education: If you have an active license, and have not already done so, please verify that you have completed the required continuing education. Pursuant to Board Rule 275.3, all licensees are required to use the CE Broker digital platform for CE reporting beginning in 2022.

For detailed CE information, see HERE

Active licensees attest that all continuing education requirements have been met by submitting an on-line renewal. The renewal will not be effective if the hours have not been submitted and recorded.

Miscellaneous Information

Fees: Licenses may be renewed on-line using a credit card or “electronic” check.

  • Active and inactive: $432.72 – Two-Year License (optometrist and therapeutic optometrist)
  • Optometric Glaucoma Specialist: $452.00 – Two-Year License active renewal; $432.72 inactive renewal

Notices: Please refer to the “NOTICE: INFORMATION COLLECTED DURING RENEWAL” below.


Have you used the on-line system to renew your license before?

  • Yes: If you renewed on-line before, use your e-mail address and password that you used before and follow the instructions below to renew.
  •  No: You must register to begin the process. Start with this link.

Renewal Instructions  (for doctors who renewed on-line previously)

  1. Use the Renew button below to connect to the on-line renewal website.
  2. Type in your e-mail address and password that you used last time (if you forgot your password, you can request the on-line system to send you a new password). However, if the e-mail address you used previously is no longer valid, you will need to change your e-mail address in the database.
  3. Select “Log On” and you will be taken to a new page
  4. Select the link with your license number (right side of page) and a new page appears.
  5. Now select “Optometrist Renewal Application” link.
  6. Enter information and answer normal renewal questions.

Notices: Information Collected During Renewal

State law provides that you are entitled on request (with few exceptions) to be informed about the information that the Optometry Board collects on this form. You may make a written Public Information request under Sections 552.021 and 552.023 of the Government Code to receive and review the information collected on this form (a charge for this information may apply). You are entitled under Section 559.004 of the Government Code to make a written request to have the Board correct information that is incorrect.

SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS: State and federal laws require all licensees to furnish their social security number. Please check the number listed for you for accuracy. If your social security number is not listed you must provide it in the appropriate box on this form. Section 231.302 of the Texas Family Code requires applicants and licensees to provide their social security numbers. The social security number will be used for identification within the Texas Optometry Board, and will be provided as required by the Family Code to the Texas Attorney General to assist in the administration of laws relating to child support enforcement. Identification by the Attorney General as being in arrears on court ordered child support obligations may result in revocation of the license to practice optometry in Texas. The social security number will also be released to the National Optometric Databank and to federal disciplinary databanks.