License Renewal

License renewal periods are on a two-year cycle.

The renewal period for licenses expiring 12/31/2023 will open October 16, 2023. 

If your license expired 12/31/2022, your license is expired. You may not practice optometry in Texas with an expired license. You will pay a penalty for renewing your license late.  Please notify the Board if it was your intent to let your license expire. 

All licensees need 32 hours of Continuing Education displayed on their CE Broker accounts at time of renewal. Substantial penalties are imposed by state law for late renewals or late CE. See below for instructions regarding opioid CE for Optometric Glaucoma Specialist licensees. 


Step 1. Select an option for renewal 

Step 2. License Renewal Certificate 

After you renew, a renewal certificate will be available on-line for download. To obtain the certificate, wait 24 hours after renewing and go to this link: On-line Renewal Certificate


NOTE – OGS licensees: If you do not prescribe opioids, you must mark yourself exempt from the opioid prescribing requirement on your CE Broker account.

First click on “Report CE” and then click on “Additional Options.” After selecting your CE Cycle, click “Begin” for the Prescribing Opioid Exemption. Respond to the attestation statements and click “submit.” You must do this step for every license renewal period!