Information Topics MNO


Medicare/ Medicaid

Information on enrolling in Medicare: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Website, or CMS website for general information.

Information on enrolling in Medicaid: Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership (TMHP) website.

Information on tamper resistant prescriptions: Prescriptions.

Mental Health

Optometrists or Students: Licensees and optometry school students may utilize the Board’s Peer Assistance Program.

Military Service

Optometrists serving in the military are exempt from license fees and continuing education, but may “register” their license each year for credentialing purposes. Note: Certain branches of the military require their officers to obtain a least one fully paid license. In order to practice off base in Texas, a full active license fee must be paid. Rule 273.14 has an expedited licensing procedure for veterans, current members of armed services, and spouses of a person serving on active duty.

Minor Children

Consent to Treatment: See Children.


To another state: See “Licenses” above regarding license verification. Links to other state websites can be found here: ARBO.
Closing an office: See August 2006 Newsletter




Change: Doctors who change their name (by marriage or court order) should contact the Board to determine the effect of the change on their license.

Display: State law is very specific regarding the display of an optometrist’s name on the office door, in advertising, or on prescription pads and billing statements. See “Dr.


Annual newsletters are available on the website under the Table of Contents Entry: Newsletters. August 2016 is the most recent. The newsletters contain copies of new rules, important information regarding practice of optometry in compliance with the law, and disciplinary action.

NPI Number

Unique identification numbers issued to doctors. Required, beginning in 2007, by HIPAA for some transactions. Issued by an organization, known as the enumerator, that the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services contracts with. Please go to this website for information on applying for: NPI Number.



Opening Office

If the office is your principal office, your optometry license must be displayed. Every office must display a complaint sign or consumer pamphlet. See “Complaint Sign.” The Governor’s Website is a very good source for information on opening an office and starting a business. The website also discusses in general terms what type of permits may be required. Insurance on the premises and, of course, malpractice insurance, are also considerations.


Certification: There is no official certification in Texas by a state agency. The Commission on Paraoptometric Certification (a section of the American Optometric Association) does offer certifications. For information contact CPC at 800.365.2219 ext. 210, or the AOA’s website.
Licensing: Opticians in Texas are not licensed.

Optometric Glaucoma Specialist

Practice Information: Use this link.
Application for License: Applicants must complete an approved course (new graduates may be exempt – see requirements) and complete a skills evaluation. The University of Houston has been a sponsor in the past. Other sponsors are listed on Approved CE Page. Forms are available on the website.