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Practice of Optometry: The Texas Optometry Act is the source for the Optometry Board’s regulation of optometry. Licensees must also comply with Board Rules adopted by the Optometry Board. Other laws affect the practice of optometry, including the Texas Contact Lens Prescription Act, the federal Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act, FTC rules regarding contact lens and spectacle dispensing, and HIPAA.
Changes: Changes to the Optometry Act and Board Rules are posted on the website in Board Meetings after each Board Meeting and summarized yearly in the August Newsletter.


Copies: The Board does not provide copies of licenses or renewal certificates for posting at additional offices. The Optometry Act requires display of the license and renewal certificate at the holder’s principle office. Copies are available for a fee if the original license has been destroyed or lost, or the license holder’s name has been legally changed.

Expiration: All licenses expire on December 31. The renewal procedure is discussed at: “Renewals

Verification: A license may be verified on the Board’s website.

Verification for another state: When applying for a license to another state, a common requirement is to submit an official license verification from states in which the applicant is currently licensed or has been licensed. The Board charges a $15.00 fee to provide a verification. Send a written request with a $15.00 check to the Board. Some states have a form that the Texas Optometry Board will complete.

Upgrades:  Licensees wishing to upgrade from therapeutic to optometric glaucoma specialist should use the this link. Optometrists wishing to upgrade to a therapeutic license should contact the Board.

Lists Of Optometrists:

Mailings lists of licensees can be purchased from the Board. Use this link.