Drug Abuse (Patients) and Poison Control

Abuse of Pain Medication by Patients

The abuse of pain medications is a serious issue. Use this link to the Pharmacy Board’s website for important information regarding prescribing pain medications and the real possibility that the prescribed medications will be abused.

Section 351.166 of the Optometry Act


At least once each biennium, the board shall provide to license holders information on:

(1) prescribing and dispensing pain medications, with particular emphasis on Schedule II and Schedule III controlled substances;

(2) abusive and addictive behavior of certain persons who use prescription pain medications;

(3) common diversion strategies employed by certain persons who use prescription pain medications, including fraudulent prescription patterns; and

(4) the appropriate use of pain medications and the differences between addiction, pseudo-addiction, tolerance, and physical dependence.


Poison Control Center

Information regarding the services provided by poison control centers may be found at the Texas Poison Center website  (http://www.poisoncontrol.org/). The center also has a toll free number: 1-800-222-1222.