Continuing Education

Two Year License Renewal

Licenses are now on a two-year renewal schedule. At the end of a licensee’s first two-year license, they will need to have taken 32 hours of Board-approved continuing education. This should include 24 hours of D/T credit, 2 hours Professional Responsibility, and 1 hour Human Trafficking (plus 2 Opioids CE if the doctor prescribes opioids). 32 hours will be needed for every license renewal thereafter.


Pursuant to Board Rule 275.3, all licensees are required to use the CE Broker digital platform for CE reporting beginning in 2022.  Review Board Rule 275.3.

For detailed information, see our page HERE
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Half of the 32 Hours Each Cycle (16) Must Be from Live or Live Webinar Format Material

A live webinar allows interaction between the presenter and attendees. Note that live credit may only be obtained by attending the course on the dates listed.

Approved Courses

Approved Courses

Obtain Course Approval

The Board has determined that the following providers who provide courses in subjects directly related to optometry may satisfy the criteria for acceptable continuing education hours and may be given automatic approval:

    (A) Courses sponsored by an optometry college or school accredited by the American Optometric Council on Education (ACOE);

    (B) Courses sponsored by the American Optometric Association (AOA) or an affiliate of the AOA;

    (C) Courses sponsored by the American Academy of Optometry (AAO) or an affiliate of AAO;

    (D) Courses accredited by the Council on Optometric Provider Education (COPE);

    (E) Courses sponsored and or approved by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission;

    (F) Courses sponsored by the American Board of Optometry;

    (G) Courses approved by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (AACME); and

    (H) Courses in professional responsibility given by a board accredited in-state college or school of optometry may be given approval if the course:

      (i) is made available as a live course in this state and on the internet; and

      (ii) includes the study of professional ethics, the Texas Optometry Act and Board Rules, judicious prescribing of dangerous drugs, pain management, or drug abuse by professionals.

  (2) Notwithstanding the automatic approvals contemplated in paragraph (1) of this subsection, the Board shall be entitled to reject individual courses.

Providers/courses that are not pre-approved shall still submit an application to the Board for approval based on the same deadlines (two weeks prior to each Board meeting).  However, the process has changed because you will now submit courses for approval through the CE Broker portal. The portal goes directly to TOB staff.  Providers can sign up now!  Here is more information:  PROVIDER INFO

Additional Information

  • The Board has adopted changes (after publishing the rules for comments) to Rules 273.4, 273.8, 273.14, 275.1, and 275.2. These rules are available on the Board’s website.
  • State law imposes very expensive penalties for failing to renew on time and for failing to obtain the required Board approved continuing education on time.