Continuing Education STU


Sheets

May or May Not be Provided. Some course providers will submit sign in sheets of course attendance directly to the Board. However, doctors cannot assume that the provider will mail an attendance list to the Board, and frequently attendees mistakenly rely on this assumption. Please check with provider to insure that an attendance list is being sent to Board. If not, the doctor should mail the original certificate of completion to the Board. Be advised the some providers take some time to submit the sign in sheet to the Board.

“Sorry, No Matches Found”

Meaning of Message. This message, when checking the number of CE hours on the website, means one of the following:

  • A “T” or “TG” was typed after the license number; or
  • Certificates of completion (originals) have not been mailed to the Board; or
  • Course is not listed on “Approved CE Courses” on website. Course must be approved by Board before CE hours can be accepted; or
  • The signed OE Tracker Certificate has not been mailed to the Board; or
  • An attendance list or sign in sheet was not submitted to the Board; or
  • Two to three days has not elapsed since Board received mailed certificate.

Submit Proof of CE to Board

How to Submit. To submit CE course attendance to Board:

  • Mail, e-mail, or fax original certificates of completion to the Board. Includes correspondence and Internet courses, or
  • Mail, e-mail, or fax signed OE Tracker Certificate to the Board

Addresses: Texas Optometry Board, 333 Guadalupe Street, Suite 2-420, Austin, Texas, 78701 / (see contact information) / FAX: 512-305-8501.



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