Continuing Education PQR


Poster Sessions

Not Approved. The Board does not approve some “Poster Sessions” for continuing education credit where attendance is not independently verified. Judicious prescribing or jurisprudence courses in other states are also not accepted.

Professional Responsibility (Ethics)

One Hour Required. A one hour course in professional responsibility is required to renew. This hour is included in the 16 hour requirement, no additional hours are required. Courses are listed on the Approved CE Courses page. See also Rule 275.1.

Proof of CE

Acceptable Proof:

  • Doctor mails, e-mails, or faxes copy of original certificate of completion to the Board. Includes correspondence and Internet courses.
  • Doctor e-mails, mails or faxes signed OE Tracker Certificate to the Board
  • Course provider submits attendance list to the Board. Frequently doctors are told or assume that the provider will mail attendance list to Board and this does not occur. Please check with provider to insure that list is being sent to Board.

Provider List

On Website. Providers of Board approved CE are on this website: “Approved CE Courses



Renewal Requirements

CE Required. All licenses must be renewed by January 1 of each year. Unless exempt, all licensees must submit proof of 16 hours of Board approved CE before the licensee may renew. Doctors cannot practice with an expired license.


On Website. Information concerning continuing education may be found in Rules 275.1 and 275.2.