Continuing Education GHI


Grand Rounds

Maximum of four hours credit per year. One hour of continuing education credit will be given for each two clock hours spent on grand rounds. Course must be approved by Board.


Health Exemption

Requirements: Doctors may submit sufficient proof to the Board that he or she suffered a serious or disabling illness or physical disability within the 12 months preceding January 1 which prevents the doctor from complying with CE requirements. This exemption must be approved at a Board Meeting. The final opportunity to obtain the serious illness exemption for the year is at the November Board Meeting. A doctor with a serious or disabling illness may request that Board approve taking all CE hours by correspondence or multi-media courses.


General vs DT: Twelve diagnostic/therapeutic (DT) hours are required each year.

Hours for Courses Listed on Website: The list of “Approved CE Courses” on the website lists the number of general hours and DT hours for each approved course. The Check CE button on the website lists general hours, D/T hours, and professional responsibility hours for each licensee. There is no minimum number of general hours needed.

Hours (individual) Not on Website: The Board posts the number of CE hours for each doctor on the website. To trouble shoot why CE hours are not listed on the website (including the message: “SORRY, NO MATCHES FOUND”), see August 2008 Newsletter, or check the following:

  • Were certificates of completion (originals) submitted by mail or faxed to the Board?
  • Was a signed OE Tracker Certificate submitted to the Board?
  • Was an attendance list submitted to the Board? Frequently doctors are told or assume that the provider will mail attendance list to Board and this does not occur. Please check with provider.
  • Is course listed on “Approved CE Courses” on website? Course must be approved by Board, even if COPE approved, before CE hours can be accepted.
  • When searching for listed hours, was a zero added to the beginning of the entered license number? Do not add a leading “0” (and do not add a “T” or “TG” to the license number).
  • Has there been sufficient time since submission for Board to enter information in computers?
  • Was the course taken this year?

Hours Required: The minimum requirements:

  • 16 hours of continuing education required each year
  • 12 hours must be diagnosis or treatment of ocular disease (DT Hours)
  • 1 hour must be professional responsibility or ethics (see “Prof. Responsibility” below)

Human Trafficking

To renew a license for 2021 and subsequent years, §116.002 of the Occupations Code requires all active licensees who provide direct patient care to complete a training course on identifying and assisting victims of human trafficking. Licensees will receive one general credit hour upon submission of written proof of completion of the approved course. See Health & Human Services Website.


Inactive License

Exempt from CE requirement. To change status of license to active, CE hours required.

Internet (On-Line) Course

Maximum 8 Hours: Credit will be given for a maximum of eight hours of the combined total of correspondence course hours and Internet computer course hours per calendar year. This includes the Professional Responsibility Course if taken through the Internet or using a CD.

Sponsored Graded: Internet courses must be sponsored and graded by accredited optometry colleges, and approved by the Board. Note that with some correspondence and Internet courses, it may take some time for the provider to send the certificates of completion to the doctor.