Continuing Education DEF



Cannot Renew: Proof of completion of CE hours is a requirement to renew a license. Therefore proof of CE completion must be received by Board before a doctor can renew. Note that with some correspondence and Internet courses, it may take some time for the provider to send the certificates of completion, which could delay being able to renew. Check with the provider for details.

Penalty: If 16 hours of CE is not obtained by December 31, a doctor may not renew and a substantial penalty is imposed. This penalty is in addition to the late renewal penalty.



Doctors Exempt from CE:

  • Inactive: Doctors holding an inactive license
  • Armed Forces: Doctors serving in U. S. regular armed forces during part of the 12 months preceding
    January 1
  • Serious Illness: Doctors who submit sufficient proof that he or she suffered a
    serious or disabling illness or physical disability within the 12 months preceding January 1
    which prevented the licensee from complying with CE requirements.*
  • New Licensees: Doctors first licensed within the 12 months preceding January 1

*This exemption must be approved at a Board Meeting. The final opportunity to obtain the serious illness exemption for the year is at the November Board Meeting. A doctor with a serious or disabling illness may request that Board approve taking all CE hours by correspondence or multi-media courses.