Board Member Training

Updated January 2024

Texas Occupations Code Section 351.059 requires Board members to have annual training on the following topics:

  • law governing board operations;
  • programs, functions, rules, and budget;
  • scope of and limitations on the rule making authority;
  • the types of board rules, interpretations, and enforcement actions that may implicate federal antitrust law by limiting competition or impacting prices charged by persons engaged in a profession or business the board regulates;
  • results of the most recent formal audit;
  • open meetings, public information, administrative procedures, and disclosure of conflicts-of-interest law;
  • other laws applicable to members of the board in performing their duties; and
  • ethics policies adopted by the board or the Texas Ethics Commission.

General Information

Regulatory Agency Definition, Purpose & Examples

Board History – update to 2023

Add Travel policy 

Governing Laws

Texas Occupations Code Chapter 351

Texas Administrative Code Title 22 Part 14

Duties of Board and Executive Director

Role of Texas Attorney General (see page 71)

Programs & Functions


Initial Licensing


Continuing Education




Administrative Procedure: Contested Disciplinary Action (see page 4)

Operational Reports

2023-2027 Strategic Plan

FY 24 Operating Budget 

Legislative Appropriation Request UPDATE to current

Employee Policies & Procedures (add pdf)

Rulemaking Authority

Administrative Procedure: Rule Making (see page 51)

OAG Guidance on FTC Compliance

Regulatory Compliance Division 

Open Meetings & Public Information Act

OAG – Open Meetings Training (please submit certificate of completion) 

OAG – Public Information Act Training (please submit certificate of completion)

Ethics Policies & Law

Ethics Commission Guide

Can I Take It Pamphlet

Revolving Door Pamphlet

TOB Ethics Policy – need to update

Most Recent Audits & Reports

2017 Sunset Commission Report

2015 Comptroller of Public Accounts Post-Payment Audit

2015 State Auditor’s Office Report on Performance Measures Reporting