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Application Eligibility Requirements Not Met

You do not meet the eligibility requirements based on your responses to the decision tree. Please see “Basic Eligibility Requirements” and “License Without Examination” below. If you do meet the requirements below, please return to the Application Homepage. A limited license for optometry school faculty is also available (Optometry Act Section 351.260).


Eligibility Requirements

  • Have graduated from an approved, accredited college of optometry, or in the last semester of optometry school and certified by the dean of eligibility for graduation
  • Taken and passed Parts I and II of the NBEO on or after January 1, 1984 (or plan to take and pass),
  • Taken and passed Part III of the NBEO on or after June, 1994 (or plan to take and pass),
  • Taken and passed the TMOD administered by the NBEO on or after January 1985 (or plan to take and pass),
  • Of majority age, and
  • Of good moral character

See Section 351.254 of the Texas Optometry Act and Board Rule 271.2


Reciprocity and Endorsement

The Texas Optometry Act does not provide for reciprocity with any state. However, the Texas Optometry Act does provide for a form of endorsement which is called License Without Examination (see below).


License Without Examination

Basic Eligibility Requirements:

  • currently licensed as a therapeutic optometrist in good standing in another state, the District of Columbia, or territory of the United States;
  • have passed an examination that is equivalent or superior to the examination required by Sections 351.253 and 351.256 of the Act;
  • have, for at least five of the seven years preceding the application date, been actively engaged in the practice of therapeutic optometry; or engaged in full-time teaching at an accredited college of optometry or medicine;
  • have no pending disciplinary actions in the state, district, or territory in which the applicant is licensed; and
  • have never had their license suspended or revoked

See Section 351.2595 of the Texas Optometry Act and Board Rule 271.5