Application Requirements

Eligibility: To apply for a Texas optometry license, an applicant must be either:

  • a student in the last semester of an approved optometry school in the United States or Canada who can provide a statement of good standing by the Dean, or
  • a graduate of an approved optometry school in the United States or Canada who passed Part III of the NBEO on or after June 1994 (other graduates may also be eligible: please see the area of our website HERE).

Military, Veterans, and Military Spouses: See this page first.

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Complete License Requirements

An applicant is eligible for a Texas Therapeutic Optometry License if the Optometry Board has received:

  • completed application
  • official transcript(s) directly from optometry school showing awarding of O.D. degree
  • transcripts from all colleges attended (copy acceptable)
  • proof of residency (copy of US birth certificate, Real ID drivers license, Permanent Resident Card, Employment Authorization card)
  • Copy of document changing name (if applicable)
  • passing scores on NBEO Parts I, II, III and the TMOD
  • passing scores on the Texas Jurisprudence Exam
  • criminal background check (See Fingerprint Information)
  • if licensed in another state, license verifications from states in which licensed
  • self query ordered from the National Practitioner’s Databank (NPDB)
  • proof of successful completion of a CPR or BLS certification that is not-expired
  • additional explanatory documents, if required by the application instructions